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Motorsport is a sport that requires talent, determination, knowledge and discipline. Helping young drivers follow this path professionally, and reach their goals faster, while evolving at each event, without making mistakes, is the goal of Racing DNA.
Created by the Brazilian Roberto Streit and the Italian Luca Persiani, the company currently has other two former drivers: the Italian Francesco Provenzano and the Estonian Marko Asmer; in addition, Brazilian Jeison Teixeira has been added to the team. These five partners are fully dedicated to providing a complete range of training and development services to aspiring motorsport from go kart drivers to professional drivers.
Reducing learning time, decreasing mistakes, helping with career decisions, and most importantly transferring technical knowledge of cars and tracks - acquired through years of experience with racing and coaching - are the priorities of Racing DNA. The former drivers also contribute to the interaction with the team and engineers, as well as in the relationships with the media and sponsors.
One of the strengths of the group is the wide expertise of each coach, whether in specific markets – Brazilian, European and Asian motor racing - or expertise with cars and categories, where they have experience as drivers, or even as coaches.
The exchange of information between coaches, related to the above factors, differentiates Racing DNA from competitors, which have only one coach. Check the full bio of each Racing DNA member in “Our Team” link.
With passages for the main categories of motorsport, Streit, Persiani, Asmer and Provenzano align their knowledge and characteristics to serve athletes in a personalized way, aiming to take the best of each driver on the track, teaching them how to deal with external pressure and challenges, and grow at each stage of their career.
“Competitors often spend a great deal of money on trying to improve their cars’ performance or searching for a better team – we know, we’ve done it ourselves – but the time spent on the racing track of a truly prepared, introspective driver makes the difference”, Roberto Streit, founder of Racing DNA.
The kart team still has the reinforcement of Jeison Teixeira. Five-time Rio de Janeiro Champion of Kart, among others, Jeison conquest several tittles commanding a traditional kart team in Brazil. Currently, acts as the Team Manager of the category in Racing DNA.
The coaches of Racing DNA produce complete reports for each event and practice session, recording each important point and what needs to be improved by the driver on his next time on that track. All information is stored in an online database, to which all drivers have access.
We focus on providing a complete offering so that drivers only worry about correctly learning what really matters to their evolution in the sport. This is the Racing DNA recipe to train future champions!

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Driver Training

With the goal of helping young drivers develop themselves in modality, Racing DNA offers technical and mechanical knowledge, so they can learn quickly to deal with the aerodynamic development of the car and its different set ups.
Drivers receive recommendations about breaking points, changing gears and other important technical references of the tracks and the cars.
The coaches also help to improve the driver relationship with the team, and its engineers, so that goals can be achieved more quickly. The coaches cater to the capabilities and experience levels of each driver as well.
Racing DNA services include assistance in choosing the best way forward (category / championship / team) during the driver’s career. Easy access to the knowledge of key people involved in the Asian and European categories (engineers, mechanics and team managers) allows Racing DNA to work out a consistent career plan for each driver.
This knowledge helps Racing DNA construct the best group inside each team based on the driver profiles, connecting top professionals from each team with the determined driver.
Service Offerings:
- Technical training;
- Positioning of the car on the track;
- Weight transfer and how it affects handling;
- Basics of aerodynamics and how it affects driving and setting up the car;
- Oversteer and understeer, what they are and how to correct or solve them;
- When to apply power and how this affects the overall corner speed and balance of the car;
- Trail braking, when and how hard to brake and the transition of braking force throughout the braking zone;
- Vision and how important it is to be looking through the corner;
- Racing lines, for dry and wet tracks;
- Individual track secrets, shared by the coaches, which would normally take years of experience to learn. In total we have knowledge of more than 90 circuits around the world in our database;
- Many more basic and advanced track/racing techniques;
- Relations team / engineers;
- Relations media / sponsors;
- Physical training advice.


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