Jeison Teixeira

Date of Birth: 07/31/1981

Location: Petrópolis, RJ (BRA)

Languages Spokes: Portuguese (Native) and Italian (Fluent)

Born in one of the main center of racing teams in Brazil, the city of Petrópolis, in the region of Rio de Janeiro, Jeison started racing influenced by his father, Alcindo Teixeira, one of the pioneers of Brazilian karting.

He had his debut in the category in 1989 and remained in karting until 2000, when he decided to end his racing career and take over the family business.

Soon, he reformulated the entire kart team that belonged to his father, participated in world championships, specializes himself in Italy and had great participation in United States tournaments, earning important titles as Team Principal.

As Driver:
Five-time Rio de Janeiro Champion of Kart (1995-96-97-98-99)
Minas Gerais Champion of Kart (1993)
Brazilian Champion of LIA (2000)
As Team Principal:
São Paulo Champion of Kart (2008)
Runner-up in Brazilian Championship of Kart (2006-2007-2008-2012)
Runner-up in Brazil Cup of Kart (2002-2003-2007)


+55 (24) 98123-4637
+39 340 5717951